Trying to raise money on Kickstarter or IndieGogo? Use this video to get your message out there!

Why make it? Start Directing

Overview: This storyboard helps you create a crowdfunding video for a product or service.

What it's good for: It helps tell the story of why your creation is important and why your funders should expect it to be successful.

Something Special: It combines talking heads with b-roll that helps make the point.

Where it should be used: This video is meant for a crowdfunding site like kickstarter or inidiegogo, but can be used anywhere you need to explain your new idea and want others to care.

Ingredients: At least one spokesperson plus the camera operator.

How long: You should expect this template to take 40-60 minutes to produce and making sure to have your script in place is critical before starting to shoot.

Take a Peek

Storyboards walk you through the process of capturing the best shots, saying the right things, and ultimately making the best movie you can. Take a look at the guidance Directr provides for making this movie.

  • 1.

    Who are you and what are you working on? 18 sec

  • 2.

    What's your key insight? 6 sec

  • 3.

    Why will it work? 8 sec

  • 4.

    What do you expect the results to be? 5 sec

  • 5.

    What are some of the most important benefits? 6 sec

  • 6.

    What does your project/product look like? Got a prototype? 7 sec

  • 7.

    Tell us a story about how you got here. 15 sec

  • 8.

    Who else is involved? 10 sec

  • 9.

    What's your secret weapon? 8 sec

  • 10.

    Give people confidence in you. 11 sec

  • 11.

    Share some details about your history or track record? 6 sec

  • 12.

    Who is it going to benefit? 4 sec

  • 13.

    Why now? 3 sec

  • 14.

    How much do you need? 14 sec

  • 15.

    Be appreciative and say thanks. 6 sec

  • 16.

    One last note... 3 sec